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Knowing how to make a difference to the state of the world can feel impossible. Petitions can be a great way to engage with causes we care about in a straightforward and impactful way. Below is a list of petitions made for or by autistic people, whether for the benefit of individuals or the population at large. 

*Trigger Warning: mention of suicide*

A mandate to retrain ALL psychiatric professionals and support staff so that there is an understanding and acceptance of girls/women on the spectrum. This will include a rapid reassessment of all those diagnosed with personality disorders to assess whether they were misdiagnosed and are actually Autistic.

It is imperative that the Department for Working Pensions (DWP) and other government departments receive increased autism training to better support individuals on the autism spectrum. By doing so, we can create a more inclusive and understanding system that respects the rights and needs of all citizens.

Calling for banishing practices which seek to endorse the refusal of mental health services to those with autism and/or intellectual disability  in favour of a policy that proactively encourages treatment, compassion and care for some of  our most vulnerable.

Do you know of any autism related petitons in need of signatures?

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