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Mental Health

Below are links and information for services, platforms and organisations that in the experience of myself and others I have spoken to, are neurodivergent friendly options for accessing mental health support. This is not an exhaustive list and any new discoveries I make shall be added in due course. There is also a collection of links for information about different types of therapy, to help provide some ideas for what might be the best option for different people. 


  • Mind - offer advice and support for anyone experiencing a mental health problem.


  • YoungMinds - provide young people with tools to look after their mental health.


  • NHS - information and support for mental health.


  • PEACE - a collection of resources and blogs they hope will be helpful to autistic people suffering with an eating disorder

  • Kooth - offers free emotional and mental health support for people aged 11-24 through online counselling  7 days a week.

Types of Therapy
  • CBT- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

  • DBT - Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

  • ACT - Acceptance Commitment Therapy

  • EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing

  • ERP - Exposure Response Prevention 

Do you know of any services or resources that could support someone with their mental health?

Thank you!

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