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Autism Affirming Research

There is shockingly little published research into topics related to autism that are not explicitly or implicitly steeped in ableism. We are desperately in need of research that accurately reflects lived experience of autism, autistic communities and the things we deem important to research. For example, how to reduce the number of autistic people who have to reach crisis point before receiving support, or how to establish health, education and employment systems that accommodate rather than hurt those who are autistic. Here are some reports written and developed by autistic researchers. 



Some examples of potential areas or questions for research that could be interesting and/or beneficial to autistic people include:

  • How could educational settings be established to better suit the needs of neurodivergent individuals?

  • Reasons why g​ender differences impact identification and/or diagnosis of autism.

  • How does early and easily available support (e.g. mental health support) effect need for more intense support later on?

  • The links between being autistic and a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Are some psychotherapy approaches more useful for autistic people than others?

  • What can help manage executive dysfunction?

Is there anything you think should be explored as a research topic?

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