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Information and resources collated by autistics in the hope that it might be helpful or supportive to other autistic individuals. 

It includes information surrounding diagnosis, links for support options, such as mental health or financial assistance, and apps that neurodivergent people have found useful.

Please feel free to get in touch with any feedback, thoughts or recommendations to add to this incomplete directory. 

How it Works

  • Every link to pages within this website or external links for an organisation or information source will be underlined and in bold. For example, This Link will take you to a photo of a sleepy panda on Google!

  • At the top of each page there is a menu bar, search bar, and links to social media associated with this Directory. Some of the sections in the menu bar will have a drop down list of options when you hover over it with a computer cursor.

  • At the bottom of each page there is a contact form through which you can send feedback, suggestions, links to organisations, or just general thoughts. You do not have to include your name but an email address will need to be supplied in order to send messages. If you particularly do or do not want to receive a response to your message, please do specify.

  • Resources and links will be continuously added as and when I discover them. All recommendations will be considered so please don't hesitate to make suggestions!

  • The contents of this Directory includes external links to organisations, charities, services and resources autistic individuals have a right to access, as well as areas of text that hope to offer tips and information I have collected from my own experiences.

  • There is a page dedicated to blogs; anyone and everyone who wishes can contribute by writing or co-writing a blog post. For more information on this, see Here.

  • I have attempted to make this website as accessible as I know how to, but all feedback on how I could make changes or improve it will be welcomed!

  • I use identity first language over person first language ('autistic person', rather than 'person with autism') throughout this Directory, purely because that is my personal preference, I am not I am not trying to extrapolate my preferences onto anyone else. If you prefer something different I invite you to interpret or read it however you wish to.


Everything in this Directory I have subjectively deemed a good, safe or accessible resource for autistic people. However, not everyone will find the same things useful, everyone is unique, so the choices I have made cannot be objectively the "right" or "wrong" ones for autistic people as whole.

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